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Uv Technology Invisible Moisture Humidifier

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– Effectively brings invisible moisture to your home. It utilizes UV technology and a wicking filter to help treat the water and capture minerals to keep them out of the air for a cleaner mist.
– This humidifier for home features evaporative technology that increases and holds the targeted humidity level to optimize moisture in the room.
– It’s ideal for everyday comfort and year-round relief from dry throat and dry, itchy skin.
– Featuring a large 1.1 gallon, easy-fill, self-standing tank, this cool moisture humidifier provides up to 24 hours of run time.
– Product Dimensions: 23.79 x 44.39 x 29.21 cm; 4.08 kg.


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8 reviews for Uv Technology Invisible Moisture Humidifier

  1. Daron Wu

    I am impressed with how long these humidifiers have lasted.

  2. Eldridge Cline

    I love these because they leave no white residue, use cool mist, are recirculating, fairly quiet, and are easy to use, clean, and refill. Most parts can go in the dishwasher, which is great.

  3. Alyssa Oconnell

    Highly recommend for medium sized areas, humidity spreads more than the old one that just spit out water at the top. Would not work as a whole house device.

  4. Israel Roberson

    I’m definitely glad that we got this humidifier don’t know why I went so long without one.

  5. Fanny Holder

    This works GREAT, and it’s truly easy to keep clean. So many humidifiers say they can be cleaned, but have parts that make it nearly impossible to clean. 

  6. Cliff Gilbert

    This is truly easy to clean, and has aa UV light as an additional cleaning mechanism. Liked the design so well I bought a second.

  7. Bobbie Graham

    Easy to add water and maintain.

  8. Seymour Taylor

    I love that this humidifier does not shoot water into the room and still provides the right amount of added humidity.

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