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Speed Adjustable Personal Portable Fan

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– This mini fan is inbuilt with first- new copper made powerful motor, which can support the blade rotate at high speed and produce strong wind, applied fluid-mechanical cover to strength the wind brought out by the blade, you can even feel the wind 1m away from this small fan.
– The cute handheld fan with 2 adjustable speed will meet your different need, you can simply press the power button to adjust the speed, press once for low speed at 3500r/ min, press again for high speed at 4000r/ min.
– Powered by upgraded rechargeable battery, which can support the mini fan run longer than the same capacity regular battery, comes with the USB cable that compatible with any USB port, such as computer, power bank, regular socket.
– Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, the personal fan can produce natural wind to keep you cool when reading, doing sports, waiting in line and travelling, it would be your best partner in such hot summer.
– Product Dimensions: 2.10 x 7.89 x 12.59 cm; 0.10 kg.


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9 reviews for Speed Adjustable Personal Portable Fan

  1. Jonathan Hood

    This little fan is soo powerful! It has to speeds and its very convenient with traveling! I highly recommend.

  2. Tonya Forbes

    It’s very thin and easy to hold and carry in your purse if needed. It’s lightweight and holds a great charge. Great purchase.

  3. Malinda Pierce

    I love the mini fan!! It works great when doing skin care routine. Love that it’s rechargeable and not have to worry about replacing batteries!

  4. Van Parks

    These fans are the perfect accessory for a hot summer park visit.

  5. Brice Fox

    It works perfectly, and the battery life lasts so long, I barely have to charge it.

  6. Johanna Leach

    I love this little fan! I use it for everything and it’s small enough to carry in hand or purse, etc.

  7. Estela Owen

    Great fan! I’m always hot so this fits right in my pocket or purse. Chargeable and the charge lasts long. 

  8. Edmond Wade

    Wow! This fan has great strength considering how small it is! Perfect to slip into a sports bag or purse. 

  9. Ana Gomez

    I’m honestly surprised at how much I love this little fan. I bought it to use in my skincare routines as I don’t love waiting for skin to dry before putting on certain products. The power this little thing you puts out is amazing. 

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