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Rechargeable Handheld Portable Mini Fan


Material: Plastic ABS
Color: Pink
Controller Type: Button Control
Mounting Type: Floor Mount
Number of Speeds: 5

SKU: Portable Electric Fan-11 Category:

– A rechargeable battery powered fan with 4000mAh large-capacity battery , can work continuously for 7-16h (depending on the gear), and it only takes 2.5h to fully charge.
– It’s blowing intensity is adjustable from 1 to 4 gear, gradually increase, and In the 5th gear, weak and strong winds alternate in a cycle, more natural and comfortable.
– The hand held face fan has a strong wind but the noise is low to 15db, Even if blow to face for a long time, it won’t make you feel disturbed.
– The LED screen can clearly display the remaining battery (like 80%) and the current mode being switched. Enable you to arrange the usage time and charge reasonably during use.
– Product Dimensions: 18.79 x 4.57 x 8.89 cm; 0.22 kg.


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