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Handheld Foldable Mini Portable Fan


Material: Plastic
Color: Blue
Controller Type: Button Control
Mounting Type: Tabletop
Number of Speeds: 4

SKU: Portable Electric Fan-10 Category:

– Introducing portable fan that combines handheld, desktop, and neck-hanging functions. The fan body is equipped with a strap attachment hole, and when used with the included strap, it can be used as a neck-hanging fan, freeing up both hands, making it less tiring for long-time use, and ideal for work or sports.
– Unlike traditional desktop fans, our fan achieves desktop functionality by folding. It can be folded 180° in the up and down direction, allowing you to adjust the angle to your preference. This handy fan is perfect for various occasions, from short outings to outdoor events during hot seasons.
– Our handy fan adopts a revolutionary brushless motor, offering high durability, high power, and ultra-quiet low noise. Unlike commercially available brushless motors, our brushless motor uses a grooved bearing structure to significantly reduce friction, reduce heat generation, increase efficiency, improve motor durability, and ensure low noise operation.
– The handheld fan features 4 levels of wind speed adjustment. By pressing the wind speed switch button, you can finely adjust the wind speed from a gentle natural breeze to a powerful wind.
– Product Dimensions: 18.28 x 8.89 x 2.99 cm; 0.16 kg.


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