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Green Pour-Over Electric Gooseneck Kettle


Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Green
Capacity: 1 Liters
Wattage: 1500 watts
Unit Count: 1

SKU: Electric Kettle-09 Category:

– Precise pouring and leak-proof design prevent any leakage when pouring. This electric gooseneck kettle pour over has a long gooseneck spout, 8mm precision pour spout allows water to flow steady slow, responsive, and predictable pour to ensure the best flavor when poured over coffee or tea.
– This gooseneck electric kettle has a fast heating and automatic shut-off function, making it easier and faster for your morning tea, oatmeal, French press coffee, and any other food that requires hot water.
– Bright horizontal markings inside the kettle help you measure out 1 cup of ultra-fast boiling. Boil a cup of water in 60 seconds.
– The electric kettle is constructed in 304 stainless steel body with gooseneck spout, and BPA-free plastic handle and steam lid. Food-grade stainless steel tea kettle gives you a great lifespan, remarkable durability, and perfect insulation, as well as the purest water without chemical hazard.
– Product Dimensions: 26.18 x 15.11 x 21.00 cm; 0.77 kg.


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