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Evaporative Humidifier With Filter

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Capacity: 4 Liters
Color: White
Material: Polypropylene
Runtime: 40 minutes

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– Adds Ag+ function, which can effectively inhibit harmful contaminants in water, significantly reducing the absorption of harmful contaminants by the human body.
– Humidifier filter can effectively filter out large particles such as hair in the water. We just want to create a comfortable and healthy environment for you.
– It automatically stops humidifying when the preset humidity is reached, making it the perfect indoor humidifier for allergies, moms, and babies. Everyone deserves it.
– The humidifier’s low water level alert and automatic power-off ensure the indoor humidity is always at an optimal level and guarantee safe usage.
– Product Dimensions: 25.01 x 25.01 x 38.5 cm; 2.72 kg.

9 reviews for Evaporative Humidifier With Filter

  1. Morgan Charles

    It doesn’t leave behind wet surfaces like the mist-type humidifiers. I highly recommend this unit.

  2. Tasha Anthony

    Evaporative Humidifier – No germs in the air. Period.

  3. Chauncey Beltran

    I can’t praise this fog-free humidifier enough! It’s not only beautifully designed but also incredibly practical. 

  4. Myron Horne

    The set up was extremely easy and only took my boyfriend a couple of minutes. 

  5. Theo Sutton

    I use this product every night, I had dry mouth and nose waking up every morning hoping this will solve it and it did times a million! 

  6. Maxine Hurley

    Humidifier works well. Evaporates about 1/2 the volume of water overnight. 

  7. Norma Nolan

    Controls are easy to use. Good for small to medium size room. 

  8. Marshall Rivera

    Definitely works for me and my children. They were up coughing all night until I got this then they slept great .

  9. Thomas Dickson

    Me and my wife no longer wake up sneezing or with stuffy nose. I can still fall asleep. Excellent purchase.

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