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Automatic 2-Slice Smart Digital Toaster

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Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Black
Number of Slices: 2
Wattage: 1400 Watts

SKU: Bread Toaster-08 Category:

– This toaster can control a single slot to work. When you only need to toast a piece of bread, with this function, the bread will not be affected by other heating panels, so there will be no problem of uneven toasting.
– This function allows you to check the toasting of bread at any time during the heating process, and then decide whether to stop toasting or continue toasting to achieve your best satisfaction.
– With the toasting modes of 7 kinds of bread, it is easier to scientifically and accurately toast the corresponding bread.
– This toaster is equipped with a fully automatic smart system with leverless. It can effectively reduce friction and damage between parts and prolong the service life of the machine.
– Product Dimensions: 29.99 x 19.98 x 18.99 cm; 2.99 kg.

8 reviews for Automatic 2-Slice Smart Digital Toaster

  1. Christian Tyler

    I’ve been using this daily for 3 months, functions perfectly. Toasts bread evenly on both sides. 

  2. Lamont Coffey

    Bread pops out normally, clearing the toaster nicely. 

  3. Herminia Payne

    This is a really nice toaster. Easy to use. Good value. Just need to get use to the different setting.

  4. Gary Savage

    Sweet new electronic toaster, with a 30 minute keep warm feature. It’s awesome.

  5. Maryann Burns

    Love this toaster and all it’s options

  6. Wendi Crane

    I love the touch screen, the design is sleek and neat.

  7. Joan Ali

    I think it does a great job in toasting evenly. I wasn’t originally seeking the feature for a time countdown but I actually like that feature. Easy to clean. I recommend

  8. Jamal Wilcox

    Operates easy and love the count down option.

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